Thursday, October 09, 2008


As noted in at least one comment here, John McCain lost a lot of votes by signing on to the bailout fiasco last week. He's definitely hanging by a pretty tenuous thread with many of us after that, since the 'maverick' in him seemed to be overruled by the "going-along-with-the-crowd" guy who wants to be President. Seems his campaign advisors are making his political choices as well, which is too bad.

Speaking of campaign advisors, why is it that no one on the McCain side is calling Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, a liberal? Why is it that no one is pointing out that he was associated with ACORN, a voter registration group that is under investigation in Ohio, Missouri, and Nevada currently for voter fraud. That was one of the groups he was associated with when he was a "community organizer".
Why is no one pointing out that Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, is encouraging his supporters to lie to people stating that they should "get in their face and if they ask about guns, tell them he supports the 2nd amendment". Bold faced lie, as Barack Hussein Obama has never met a gun-ban he didn't like. Yet, people that I KNOW own guns, hell, even collect guns, are supporting Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah,. I understand that most folks aren't 'single-issue' voters, but on an issue this important, it has to sway you one way or another.
How about the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, is getting millions of dollars in contributions from folks named "Good Will", and "Doodad Pro"? Anyone else out there have an issue with this? How about contributions of $33,000 from palestinians in the Gaza Strip? No issue with that? I say if they love him so much, make him YOUR damn president, because he certainly won't be mine.
I don't even care that Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, associated with a known domestic terrorist, William Ayers of Weather Underground and had no problem accepting funds from a fundraiser held by him. However, what I do have a problem with is the fact that the NYSlimes is a willing accomplice in the covering up of their association and reported that the men really weren't close. Really weren't close? A fundraiser held at his home as well as an appointment to a position where Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, was given $100,000,000 to dole out for various left-wing educational programs definitely show that's an utter lie.

Finally, why is it that no one is reporting on the chilling effects that letters from the Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, campaign to station managers at TV and radio stations where independent groups purchased advertising time to air anti-Obama advertising. These letters basically threaten the licensure of the stations and FCC intervention if they air these third-party ads. "Ooooh..I don't like what you say so I'm going to take away your ability to say it". And conservatives are the nazi's? "Truth Squads"? Oh for f**k's sake.

If it were a level playing field where the media just reported and voter fraud was prosecuted, I'd be perfectly fine with Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, winning the election, because he would have done it without the propaganda of the mainstream media and fraudulent votes (as they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often). But as anyone who has been paying attention can tell you, the media has been anything but unbiased.

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