Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah, Joe, we hardly knew ye

Here lies Joe the Plumber. No, he didn't die, but the media certainly wishes he would. So do the leftist jagoffs that support the Obamessiah. "Don't you EVER question 'the ONE' like that again!!", I can hear them saying now.

So, let's see what we know:

1. Joe asked a simple question of the Obamessiah, basically your tax plan is going to screw me right?

2. The Obamessiah answered pretty much "Yep Joe, but I believe in spreading the wealth"

3. The left wing suck-ass media didn't bother covering the "spreading the wealth" part, preferring instead to destroy a private citizen in an effort to kill the messenger.

4. The Obamessiah made fun of Joe later, saying that John McCain was "standing up for a plumber" and opining "how many plumbers that you know make a quarter million dollars?".

5. Joe "Gaffe-boy" Biden said that he doesn't have any Joe the Plumbers in his neighborhood that make that much money, or think about the same things Joe the Plumber thinks.

6. Joe is not actually a plumber, or at least a licensed one in Ohio and yes, he's divorced, and has a $1400 tax lien against him(give or take). He's also a registered Republican, voted in the primaries in March, and had meatloaf for dinner last night (ok, I made up the last one)

Got all that? Good. Now let's see what no one else is telling you, or at least no one on national media.

1. The Obamessiah's treasurer of his campaign has a tax lien of $2,411 in California, but yet can contribute thousands of dollars to various Senate campaigns, including the Obamessiah's.

2. Reverend Wright, who spewed anti-American and anti-White hatred from the pulpit of the church that the Obamessiah attended until he realized that it wouldn't endear him to whitefolks and promptly threw 'em under the bus, had a $48,783.66 tax lien against him, but then used church funds to pay the lien. Nice work if you can get it.

3. That very same Reverend Wright bought a parcel of land for $345,000 and then turned around and sold it to Trinity Church for what looks to be approximately $10,000,000. Nice investment there.

4. The Obamessiah's sister owes the state of New York $6837

So, Joe's past doesn't seem that bad eh? Especially since it kinda does come into play in regards to what he was asking. Let's face it, if you work hard and make good money, legally, you'll end up owing more taxes. If life happens and something screws up, chances are good that you may have to default on those taxes. Thus, his question of the Obamessiah was legit, "am I going to get screwed by more taxes with your plan or not?"

If I had a magic eight-ball right now, I'm thinking that the answer would be "all signs point to yes"

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