Monday, April 28, 2008

Peace vs War

You hear a lot about how people should 'give peace a chance' and how 'all we need is love' and all those silly hippie sayings. Peace is again popular amongst the younger generation and for good reason. Considering a large amount of their lives the United States has either been recovering from one conflict (Desert Storm) or preparing and executing another, I can see how they would grow tired of the death and destruction that occurs during wartime. Additionally, you have the other conflicts around the world such as Sudan (Darfur for you moronic types who are all about causes but lacking a tad in geography), Rwanda (see Hotel Rwanda for an amazing movie about the subject and a refresher in why the UN should be dismantled), and other such violent hot-spots around the world. I can understand why it is that kids are drawing the peace signs on their notebooks, wearing t-shirts with the logo printed on them, and otherwise looking for ways to express their discomfort with the conflict going on around them. It's obviously disconcerting to see so-called adults acting like school-yard bullies on a global scale.

However, here's where I think their reaction falls flat on its face. They look to our government and our military as if we are the bullies and if we only left these other countries alone, the entire world would be peaceful. We'd all hold hands and sing Kumbaya around a campfire while eating granola bars and wearing our biodegradeable sandals. What the young people (and a helluva lot of adults whose IQ runs about room temperature) do not realize is that conflict is the natural state of being for anyone who is interested in freedom and justice.

Yep, I said it and I'll repeat it. Conflict is a natural state of being for anyone interested in freedom and justice. I'm not saying that war necessarily need to spring forth from that conflict, but when rights are being trampled, people are being killed, and others threatened, war for the sake of peace is not hypocritical, nor is it oxymoronic. Unfortunately, the Cindy Sheehan's of the world do not understand this. They've lived such protected lives that they do not understand the concept of fighting for freedom, fighting for justice, or fighting to defend what we have. The local peace protesters that line the main road in front of the federal building going through my town tend to be students from the local liberal arts college and the local large state college. Students whose mommies and daddies are paying their way through school and who have never had to defend their liberties from anyone. They have a sense of entitlement that creates this elitist attitude as if we should all bow to them for having the courage to protest this war, no matter how ignorant it displays them as being.

They do not understand that in order to gain rights, to gain freedoms, to gain liberty, fighting has to happen. And when you are in a dispute with someone who doesn't recognize these freedoms as legitimate or who does not believe in them and worse, believes in violence to get you to change your beliefs, something must give. Either you concede your beliefs to their threats of violence and go along with their oppressive ideas or you fight. The amusing thing that I've found is that these "peace" protestors are oftentimes the schoolyard bullies I spoke of earlier. God help you if you show up to counter-protest one of these socialist-fests. I've read a number of instances where counter protesters were attacked by peace-protesters, spat upon, hit, kicked etc. But yet, we're the violent ones and they're the ones who are all about "peace".

Bottom line, until the evil is removed from this world, there will be conflict. Those liberal dumbasses who believe that if we just give in and let people do what they want, never responding with violence as an end to wars are merely putting off the conflict and likely insuring that it is even larger than it would have been. And until everyone works off the same rules of governance, there will be war. Just because the United States believes that things should be a certain way doesn't necessarily mean that leaders of other movements agree and conflict will result. War is a natural state of being for man and will always be. Anyone who thinks otherwise is painfully naive. We can work to reduce violence, you can work to reduce conflict, but as long as there are people out there willing to oppress, assault, and murder, there will always be war.


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