Tuesday, April 01, 2008


After much thought and soul searching I've come to a conclusion: Ron Paul is not going to win the election. Yes, I know, it's tough to accept, but it's the fact. However, during my time supporting Dr. Paul, I've changed some positions on various subjects and am beginning to re-think some of my previous positions as well. It is with that level of overall emotional self-examination that has allowed me to come to the conclusion that I am announcing here today:

I am voting for Barack Obama for President.

Yes, I know, he's probably the most liberal in a field of pretty liberal candidates. But he is the agent for change that everyone has been talking about. He speaks to all races equally, discussing how white Americans are frustrated with affirmative action and losing their jobs to less qualified minority citizens. He speaks to the frustrations within the medical community where politics have gotten in the way of delivery of care to everyone.
And most of all, he speaks to the frustration of all Americans that we can't move forward on the issue of race. He allows all right-thinking Americans to show that we can support a man based upon his ideas, not his race. He shows that race should NEVER play a part in who you support for any elected position, but rather, the quality of his ideas. And finally, he does an incredibly good job of communicating those ideas via his speeches. After eight years of not exactly the greatest communicator in the world, his press conferences and speeches should be a refreshing change.

Never thought I'd vote for him, but I've finally seen the light.

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