Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The problem with this country today is ______

I was walking into my place of employment and just generally in my own little world as I wandered into the building. Meanwhile, a guy comes striding up next to me starts a conversation with me. Now, I'm not much of a conversationalist first thing in the AM, and just kinda grunted a greeting to him. We stop to let a truck go by that has a 'Devos for Governor' bumper sticker on it. Apparently that triggered some sort of visceral reaction in this clown as he started on a rant about how it's a good thing that we didn't sell our state to Amway by electing him and that unions would have never seen the light of day again were he elected. Myself, I'm thinking that would have been an election slogan if I was in the DeVos camp, but that's just me. Then the guy starts going on about how businesses have run this country into the ground and how they just suck the people dry. Businesses don't bother to take care of people they just use them and toss them aside.

So, of course at this point, I can't really let this guy just think that he's talking to some equally neanderthal thinking idiot, and point out that if it wasn't for businesses, people wouldn't have the products and services they have. In addition, in the quest for competition, businesses continue to offer more and more products and services for less and less money, allowing the fact that even poor people in the US have air conditioners, TV's, and cars, versus these items being a 'status' sort of thing. Granted they don't have 42" plasmas, but they still HAVE the TV.

The guy looked at me like I was getting ready to shoot my load on his grandmothers face. "You mean to tell me that you think that business is good for this country?".

"Ayup" I said, and walked onto the elevator, allowing the door to shut in his face.

What I probably should have done was welcome him onto the elevator as I destroyed his entire belief structure in the 10 seconds it would have taken him to get to his requested floor. But I figured that the hospital where I work will have enough trauma today, and that I didn't need to add to it.

Feelin good, I step onto my floor and proceed to my office. It's good to have an IQ above room really is.

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