Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry friggin Christmas

So, I finally am joining the 'mp3' world, as the wife has purchased an iPod for me. Not sure whether it's a kick-ass one or not, but I can watch movies on it, so that's definitely a cool thing in my eyes. For a techie, I've definitely drug my feet significantly in this area, because honestly, I just didn't see the value of getting one, as I pretty much listen to whatever I want to hear on the radio. But as I'm getting older and grumpier, I get irritated with all the damn commercials. And while Sirius or one of the other satellite radios seemed to be an option, I couldn't see paying a monthly fee to listen to the radio....So I decided it was time.

But the iTunes interface seriously sucks. I know I'm the only person in the world that thinks so, considering its financial success, but damn, how in the hell can they be as successful as they are with an interface that is horribly 'non-intuitive' (yes, it has me so irritated I'm making up words). The only thing I can think of is that people accidentally buy music they didn't intend to, because of the interface and that explains the profitability.

And of course, trying to download a song today...a single friggin song was like pulling teeth. "We're sorry. We cannot complete your request on the iTunes store at this time. Please try again later" was getting ready to make me throw the damn thing across the room. But finally, Dragula from Rob Zombie came to my iPod and all was a little better. Only $24.01 left to spend on my gift card. Yeesh.

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