Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh my God, you killed Tookie! You bastard!

Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips gang, responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths, was FINALLY put to death last night by lethal injection. Actually, I guess it would have been this morning, about 3am EST.
The amusing thing about this isn't necessarily that a gang founder/member got executed. It's that it took 24 friggin years to put him down. While he and his supporters filed appeal after appeal after appeal, we had to foot the bill to house him and feed him. He maintained his innocence to the end, which I find horribly ironic. Let's see, you'll take responsibility for founding the gang, you'll accept the fact that drive-by's were basically INVENTED by you, but yet, you won't accept responsibility for murders that a number of witnesses saw you commit as well as you had bragged about to other witnesses.

Granted, had Tookie not been put in prison, his lifespan probably would have been considerably shorter. I mean, the average gang member doesn't last until he's 30, so Tookie should actually be thankful that he got to 52, even though 24 years of that time was spent in San Quentin.

Now they're saying that riots will happen in LA. Well, that'll just help support idea held by everyone who lives outside of LA and everyone who ISN'T a media-type that LA is basically a 3rd world country within the US, and should probably have a 20 foot wall built around it to keep the animals in. Feel free to riot and burn your own stuff....again...for the third or fourth time in the last 10 years. Idiots.

You're welcome Took....and see you in hell.

And Google sucks.

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