Friday, October 21, 2005

On demotivation

I totally forgot to post this when it happened on Monday evening.

Those of you who work with me know that we have occasional teleconferences for our group in order to pass along information like what's going on with the group, how we're doing financially, and where the leadership of the group wants to see us going in the future.
I look forward to those conferences just about as much as I look forward to lighting my genitals on fire with napalm.
So, I struggle through the conference while sitting in an airport waiting for my delayed flight, listening to this stuff (I use stuff instead of the word I really want to use, because let's face it, this is a family blog), and as it finishes with a whimper, I really want to call someone and complain.

Then it hits me.

None of the folks that I used to call and complain, or IM to and complain are with the firm any longer. No Bad Andy. No OmahaJ. No B-wags. No Jiggidy.

Back to the original realization of a few posts ago.....Welcome to the Suck.

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