Monday, July 25, 2005

Shooting of Brazilian citizen in London

Ok, the liberals are going to whine about this guy in London who was mistakenly shot by police after they mistook him for one of the muslim terrorists responsible for the bombings in the subway there. Apparently, they chased him down (he RAN from them, without good reason), and shot him during the pursuit. British police officials have apologized for the actions and have said they'd investigate the shooting, but between the heavily padded coat he was wearing and the fact that he ran from police, I'd say it was a mistake, but a legitimate mistake.
But the libs will whine "This is what happens when you profile". I, of course, will offer an alternate opinion: This is what happens when you wear a heavily padded coat and run from the police in London, where a bunch of pissed off bobbies would like nothing more than to put a .45 round into the skull full of mush that thought up the attack on their beloved homeland, and any other asshole who would follow suit. They're pissed and they don't care who knows it. Think about our mentality four years ago. Think about how hostile the police were to anyone who even looked crosseyed at them in NYC.

Don't apologize, just next time make sure you shoot one of the people responsible for the attack. Or at least someone that hates freedom as much as the rest of us love it.

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