Monday, July 25, 2005

Catherine Baker Knoll- Opportunist

Despite the apologies that she's acted so sincere in her offering, if she's not thrown out of office the next election, the people of Pennsylvania are dumber the posts that line the PA turnpike.
If you can't see that she showed up for the TV cameras and not for the family, your sight is just about as good as Ray Charles.
How about the cojones on this bitch, to show up to a funeral for a Marine, LATE, and hand out business cards saying that 'our government is against this war'? Someone needs to provide her with a ticket to the clue-bus. Preferably the voters of PA, but I'd take a smack upside her head by the parents/family of the Marine.
As most of you know, I'm a Marine, finished my service in 1994(once a Marine, always a Marine). I am personally offended by her treatment of the final honor of a Marine as a photo-op.

Ms. Knoll, please resign for the honor of the Marine Corps, the honor of Staff Sgt Joseph Goodrich, and the honor of our freedom-loving country.

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