Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Most ethical administration in history

During the Bush administration, President Bush and VP Cheney were accused of supporting the war in Iraq to further the interests of Haliburton, the company that Cheney worked for prior to accepting the VP spot.  Opponents said that it was profiteering and that the no-bid contracts awarded to Haliburton were pay-offs.  Whether they were or were not, or whether Haliburton was just the only company big enough and with the history to be able to perform the functions that they were being contracted for is really a moot point, since it's over and done with right now.  However, during that time, Dick Cheney never received a dime from that company, nor was his trust, which was locked away and frozen, receive any additional enrichment from these contracts (public record, do the research...I did).  Cheney resigned from his position at Haliburton and also declined long term compensation which he was contractually due, because of the possibility of the mere  appearance of conflict of interest.

That having been said, the new administration, self-titled as the "most ethical and transparent administration in history" will have a Treasury department nominee who will continue to get paid by his former employer, TIAA-CREF, a large financial institution.  Now, theoretically, he could recuse himself from anything that involves TIAA-CREF and remove any appearance of conflict of interest.  But do any of us really believe that even if he isn't involved with the actual activities, that his influence won't be felt?  Really?

But yet, it's the Bush administration that was crooked and corrupt.

And yet, the sheeple just keep whining about petty stupidity.  Back when I was in high school or college, I read somewhere that the magazine with the higest circulation rate was People magazine.  I was shocked to find that if you combined the subscriptions to Time, Newsweek, and US News and World report, it would be about half or 75% of People.  That explains a lot.  Our nation is being stolen out from underneath us and they're reading about whether Lindsay and Samantha can get back together.  Our 'leaders' tell us "you just keep yourself stupid and entertained, we'll protect you and do your thinking for you".
All this hypocrisy makes my head hurt.

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