Monday, March 16, 2009

Veteran? BOHICA.

For those of you who are veterans, you know what BOHICA means. Usually you're at the end of a long day of stress, stupidity, and you're on your last nerve. About that time, the platoon commander comes up to you and says "Hey, I know you I told you guys to set up the tents here, but we need to move them ten feet to the south".
BOHICA - Bend over, here it comes again.....

For veterans everywhere who have served their country and been injured, be prepared to BOHICA, because President Obama wants to fund his social engineering experiments.

His proposal to have private insurance companies reimburse the VA for expenses to treat disabled and injured veterans is not only unreasonable, but unconscionable. Only could someone as liberal as President Obama even think that this would be a good idea. He anticipates to save $540 million in expenses for the VA by doing this. However, the American Legion has already said that he could easily recover that amount and more if they worked with Medicare to pay for these expenses rather than putting the burden upon private individuals, their employers, and the veterans themselves.

The most screwed up thing about this is that the Obamessiah just signed the expansion of the S-CHIP program which allows people to be considered "children" for purposes of the law up to the age of 21, as well as expanding the coverage to include families of four that earn up to $82,600 a year. Now, I understand that $82k isn't huge money when you have two kids, but it CERTAINLY isn't poor, who are the persons this program was designed to help, even though we all know that it wasn't designed to help anyone, but rather to expand governmental healthcare and further the effort of socialized medicine.

There are a lot of things about this President that really push my buttons but this, by far, is the lowest, most immoral proposal that I've seen from him so far.

I hated McCain and held my nose while I voted for him. I didn't vote for him in the primary. But I guarantee that there is NO WAY he'd even consider this proposal, much less support it.

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