Monday, February 23, 2009

ROFL @ The Obamessiah

So, I gotta believe that the conversation at the White House went something like this:

Obamessiah- Joe, I want to show the American people that I feel their pain and that I understand their cynicism regarding the Porkulus...uh...Stimulus package, so I think we should have a Fiscal Responsibility Summit, right here at the Whitehouse.

VP Biden - Uh...Mr. President, you just signed a bill that pays $15 billion to help people in Puerto Rico develop solar water heaters when we coulda bought 55 gallon drums, painted them black and been done. Don't you think it's a little soon for "Fiscal Responsibility"?
Yeah, probably a bit much painting Biden as the voice of reason, huh?

Can't make this crap up...Spend $800 billion one week, have a summit on fiscal responsibility the next. Man, what the hell kind of world do they live in?

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