Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nothing more to see here folks, move along

"I have been very proud of my track record as a state legislator and as a U.S. senator in terms of maintaining highly ethical behavior throughout my public life" -Barack Obama

Really Obamessiah? Highly ethical? Wouldn't be able to tell it by your appointments to various cabinet positions.

Secretary of the Treasury: Andrew Geithner owed $34k in back taxes after not paying self-employment taxes until he was audited by the IRS and not paying social securty taxes on a housekeeper, who by the way became an illegal immigrant during their employment. Yep, that's the guy I want in charge of our financial system. And by the way, wasn't this a problem for several female appointees from both the Bush and Clinton administration? But because he's 'very sorry' Senator Chuckles Schumer says it's ok. Honest mistake. If you and me made this same "honest mistake" we'd be doing time for tax evasion. Guaran-frickin-tee that if this was a Republican nominee, Chuckles would be going over the edge, losing his damn mind to every camera that would focus on his ugly mug.

Secretary of Commerce: Bill Richardson is under grand jury investigation because his chief-of-staff told a state agency to hire a contributor to the Richardson president canidacy. Only cost him $100,000 for a $1.5 million contract for a bond issuance with the state agency. Not a bad investment and I'm sure he can write it off to business development.

Secretary of Labor: Hilda Solis isn't under investigation for anything but I had to write about her unwillingness to publicly state her position on 'card check' legislation in her hearing yesterday. She specifically stated that she was not willing to discuss publicly but would talk privately to the committee members. Translation: Let's not go into this in front of the children, they won't understand it. Arrogance- not just for the top of the ticket any more.

And that doesn't even begin to touch the surface of the Clinton's corruption. Putting Hillary in charge of the relations that we have with countries that have given millions of dollars to her husband is like asking Bonnie to guard the safe, while Clyde robs the place. Ridiculous. "Oh, it's all in a trust"...yeah, pull my other leg, it plays "Jingle Bells"....

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