Monday, July 28, 2008

Comments galore

Eh, I'm leaning toward the letter being a fake, but either way, it's been interesting watching the soap opera.

But as for this particular commenter:
You people are insane.

FYI, every single "town hall meeting" ever held by George Bush, as candidate or president, was staged. Audiences were prescreened and handpicked and questions were scripted. There is ample documentation of the secret service preventing citizens who were not invited from attending his appearances, lest he get a question he couldnt answer.

You anti-Obama folks rank among the most ignorant, paranoid, and dishonest idiots I have ever seen. We are all dumber for having read your dribble. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
So, let me make sure I understand this....every single town hall meeting? Every one? Every presentation he made as president? Not one person who disagreed with him was allowed to be present? Man, talk about paranoid, you really think that the Republicans are that powerful that they can keep folks who disagree with or who would ask a difficult question from addressing President Bush? They can't even win elections in districts where they've not lost in 60 years, but you think they can control that? Obviously you give them way more credit than the rest of us do.

And it's 'drivel', not 'dribble'. L2Write.

Finally, "You Anti-Obama people blah blah blah". So, because I disagree with the idiotic policies that the Obamessiah has chosen to follow, I'm ignorant, paranoid, and dishonest according to you.

How about I just disagree with allowing the government to make decisions for everyone in the country? How about I don't want to see my taxes increase 100%? How about I don't want to see the government screw up the health care system and turn it into a VA for everyone? How about I'd prefer not to return to the days of Jimmah Carter and his "turn down the thermostat, wear a sweater, and drive 55" philosophy?

I think it is you sir/madam who is ignorant, paranoid, and dishonest. You didn't have the balls to post your email OR a website where you regularly post nor did you email me with your concerns so that we could have an open and honest debate. Perhaps you are afraid you couldn't hold a candle to my amazing intellect (probably true), but at least give yourself a chance!

Anyway, that's what's going on in blogland today boys and girls....

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