Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's tough being right all the time

Actually, it's not so tough. Hell, lots of people wish they were me, so I can't complain.

What have I been right about that the liberal media and liberal politicians are finally admitting to?

Well, let's see...the Iraq war and the surge. Is it working? Of course it is. You can see that it's working by the media's inability to really push all the bad news from Iraq to the forefront and focus on it, and instead they're focusing on bad news elsewhere. And the New York Slimes this past weekend finally acknowledged that there are lots of good things going on in Iraq, writing a complete article about how Dimwitocrats are shifting their tone on the war after seeing the successes of our troops there. Just listen to the tone of even the most liberal of the Dimwitocrat candidates and they've slowed their call for a full pullout. Funny how success is something that the Dimwits cheered against so strongly. Shows their overall love for country, huh?

Global Warming - ok, the libs still aren't turning around, but people are becoming more and more skeptical of all the doom and gloom that the advocates for it are pushing. Look at the Telegraph article (one of the more liberal London papers) today where they really slam the transparent mouthings of the Gordon Brown government to reduce carbon outputs through the banning of plastic bags. Yep, that's it. Nothing else. Doubling the flights from Heathrow and expanding the size of the airport is fine, but those evil plastic bags must be stopped.

Illegal Immigration - John McCain could have had this nomination wrapped up with a golden bow on it, with Giuliani as his VP, they could have blown away anyone the Dimwitocrats put up there. Not that it would have made me happy, but that's the way it could have gone. Instead, McCain came out in support of illegals and amnesty, contrary to the majority of the country and conservatives and he languishes behind Giuliani, Romney, and depending on the state, Thompson. Illegal immigration is the one issue where the Republicans can capitalize on the majority opinion that we need to control our borders and deport people who are here illegally. But are we doing it? Nope. Ron Paul has a common sense proposal for Illegal Immigration reform that would not only help us secure the borders, but would also give legitimate immigrants the opportunity to enter the country legally. And he does it in the right order. Secure the border, THEN reform immigration.

Jennifer Granholm = worst governor evah
If you live in Michgan you know. If not, pray to God and give him thanks that you live in a state with someone who has an IQ higher than room temperature running it. No imagination, no leadership, no initiative. Blame everything on the Republicans and conservatives because they are easy targets and the Detroit Free Press will blindly mimic whatever Jenny says.
Update on the post from over a year ago on the U-Haul economic measurement used to measure the success of a state:

26' Truck from Kalamazoo to Nashville - Dec 2007: $709 Sept 2006 - $1,326
26' Truck from Nashville to Kalamazoo - Dec 2007: $211 Sept 2006 - $318

26' truck from Kalamazoo to Orlando - Dec 2007: $1041 Sept 2006 - $1,997
26' truck from Orlando to Kalamazoo - Dec 2007: $1484 Sept 2006 - $615

It's still much more expensive to move from these cities to Michigan, but there's some discrepancy as to the prices now. Not sure exactly why..will have to look into it.

Anyway, they say that with age, comes wisdom. Could be that I'm finally getting that, or I coulda got lucky. Starting my fifth decade on this ball of mud, hopefully it's the latter.

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