Thursday, September 27, 2007

Politician = decreased IQ

I'm not sure what the hell goes on with someone once they go into politics, whether it's the constant input from people who weren't smart enough to get elected in the first place or being forced to just smile and nod when some whackjob from some special interest tries to buy their favor. Constantly worrying about the next election rather than doing what is right is what has gotten this government into the shape they're in currently. And I'm not just talking about DC, although they're the epitome of this, state governments do the same thing. Michigan is a particularly nasty state for this. The idiots in our state government have the gall to think that closing down the state government would be second only to a nuclear explosion in the greater Detroit area in terms of catastrophe (actually the entire rest of the state would have to think a couple seconds before choosing between the two, but then we'd realize that we'd end up getting saddled with the costs of the cleanup anyway, so may as well go with #1).

Unfortunately the bozos in Lansing came up with a last second compromise and were able to avert a government shutdown. I was really cheering for the shutdown, to show people how little our government actually does for the people. To show how much of your billions of tax dollars are being pissed away on stuff we could do without. Stuff that we were prepared to do without for weeks, according to many political pundits, if the idiots in Lansing didn't work out a compromise.

Some compromise...raise taxes AND cut spending. Great. We pay more and get less. yeah, that seems about right for those idiots we put into office. Although remember, we're the ones that voted for who's the real idiot?

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