Monday, September 05, 2005


Ok, so how exactly is it President Bush's fault that people didn't get evacuated on time from New Orleans, or that once the hurricane hit that they didn't get evacuated, or food, or water, or whatever?

Last time I checked, he was president of the ENTIRE U.S.A. Which means his responsibilities are a bit more than evacuating a city or providing food and water for them. Wouldn't you think the Mayor of that city would take a bit more responsibility for the complete and utter lack of planning that has taken place, even AFTER last years near miss? You think that woulda woke him up and told his administration that instead of lining our pockets with taxpayer dollars, perhaps we should do something along the lines of emergency planning, considering the majority of our city is UNDER FRIGGIN SEA LEVEL.

But no, you have the ass-munch mayor on TV whining about how pissed off he is that the federal government didn't use wormholes to make relief suddenly APPEAR in New Orleans. Or the governor of Louisiana saying 'please, pretty please, gosh guys, please evacuate', rather than sending the damn National Guard in there to remove (by force if necessary) people from the city.

No matter what you think of the federal governments response to the situation, this candy-assed criticism of the feds is a joke. Please tell me that you've NOT known that the federal government is a bit challenged when it comes to responding to anything quickly. I'll laugh in the face of any idiot who actually has the nerve to say that the feds should be fast in responding to anything. These are the same people who take six weeks to file paperwork to request another form in order to get the paperwork to order some paperwork. And you're depending on THEM to help you?

You're dumber than I gave you credit for.

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