Thursday, August 18, 2005

Idiot inventory

So we have idiots we need to talk about:

1. Cindy Sheehan: Where do I start? The mainstream media wants to show her as a grieving mom and President Bush as an uncaring bastard who won't meet with this poor mom who lost her son. Bull. She's a publicity hound who's son volunteered for the Army and gave his life in protection of the Iraqi people. If I walked up to his grave and pissed on it, that would be more honorable than what she's currently doing. The dishonor that she's bringing upon her son's memory is amazing, and she's willing to just keep on doing it, despite the fact that President Bush already met with her, and her opinion of him was a glowing review after the initial meeting. My take is that she's a simple minded fool who has gotten way to influenced by some hippy peacenik buddy, who is manipulating her for their own gain. Her husband and other son have already said publicly that they don't support what she's doing, and in fact her husband has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Yeah, the fact that she's a peace nut, and he's normal.
While I feel horrible for Specialist Sheehan's family, as anyone killed in action should be honored appropriately, I have to believe that if he were able to talk to her right now, he'd tell her to get her ass back in her little liberalmobile, and head home. If I were Specialist Sheehan, I'd want her to act more like this mom in Ohio.

2. Al Franken et al at Air America- As is chronicled almost daily at Brian Maloney's blog, Air America is a running joke amongst radio people. However, it's now no longer only a joke, but a criminal activity. It seems that the Boys and Girls Club was scammed out of approximately $900,000 by some of the owners of Air America. A non-profit (much like Air America, only intentionally), mostly funded by governmental funds scammed, and nothing in the mainstream media. Go figure. The story goes something along the lines of this: Charles Rosen, the founder of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx was re-directing city funding for a program called 'Pathways for Youth' into Air America. Another director of Air America, Evan Cohen had served as the Gloria Wise director of development. Good to see Al is adding fraud to his resume of writing bad books, telling bad jokes, and horrible acting.

3. New York Times- John Roberts deserves a full and thorough investigation and we all welcome that. However, looking into the adoption of his children from central America is a bit much. Leave his family out of whatever slime you're going to make up about him and just go straight to the lies about him, his beliefs and his supporters. We all know you're going to make stuff up, like how he's going to cause domestic terrorism if he gets approved, how abortions are going to go the way of the dodo, etc. Just go with that. At least we're expecting that. Idiots.

4. Terrell Owens - Are you friggin kidding me? Signs a 7 year contract, and wants to renegotiate it in the second year. Someone oughta go down to WalMart and buy TO a pack of clue. And while you're at it, pick up a pack for Raphael Palmiero. Let's see....sit down in front of a congressional committee and hundreds of television cameras and swear that steroids are hurting the game, but then turn around and take them. Come to think of it, Raffy should be a politician. At least then we'd expect that sort of behavior. The most hypocritical thing to come out of that situation isn't that Raffy took 'roids, but that a congressman is upset because someone lied to him. That kills me.

5. Ariel Sharon - First encourage settlers to go to the Gaza strip to settle it. Then rip them from their homes. Yep, that sounds like a spineless politician. While the Kelo decision here in the US made it possible for the government to do the same, this particular strategy for Sharon will backfire. Giving in to terror never wins. The Palestinians won't stop the homocide bombing, and the Israelis will once again live in fear of another human being exploding next to them, strapped with c-4 and nails. Way to go Ariel, you coward. The bravest souls in Israel were the ones settling in the Gaza strip, and you've just disemboweled most of them. Thanks a lot.

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